Graphic design software

For a full palette of design, color & font options, try Lucidpress. It's easy to use and incredibly versatile, and you can find out for yourself by signing up free.

Free design software

Graphic design software is powerful—and expensive. Instead of Photoshop or Illustrator, try Lucidpress. It's powerful and free.

Print and digital

If you need a tool that can create both print and digital content, try Lucidpress. Define custom page dimensions and edit photos right in the editor, then add scrolling text boxes and video.

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Online collaboration

Want to show off your finished project to the world? You're in luck. You and your friends, coworkers or clients can all work on a single document simultaneously. Get feedback, then implement it right away.

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Completely free

Anyone who's dabbled in graphic design can tell you how expensive InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator are. Our program is a full-featured alternative that doesn't cost a cent.

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Feature Highlights

Lucidpress has the power to design stunning content, right in your browser.

Nothing to install

Design, elevated

Lucidpress sets design free from the tethers of desktop software and lifts the whole creative process to the cloud. There are no downloads required, updates happen automatically, and all your work is stored securely on Lucidpress' servers.

Drag and Drop

Lets ideas flow

It takes a lot of creativity to design. The last thing you need is software that blocks the flow of your ideas. With Lucidpress, that’s not a problem. You arrange elements on the canvas with a simple drag-and-drop motion.

Easy import

Tools you need

Lucidpress gets you started with all the tools you need in one accessible location. Integrations with Facebook, Google+ and Dropbox do the busy work for you. For a project that will be distributed digitally, you can even add a YouTube video.

Share via print or digital

Fast sharing

Whether you need to share a document with clients, show it to family and friends, or distribute it yourself, you can use Lucidpress to export it as a high-quality image, share it on Facebook, or publish it on your personal webpage.

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